God Hates Goths would be another example of Poe’s Law, which we have covered before, were it not for their disclaimer page —

DISCLAIMER : The Godhatesgoths website, Parents Against Goth Movement and Gods Hammer Baptist Church are complete works of fiction. It is a satire/parody.

— which shows up first when you search Google for “God Hates Goths.”

Whether this was by the design of the owners of GHG or by Google, we’re thankful for it.

The aspect of GodHatesGoths (GHG) that does fit Poe’s Law rests in the content. Reading it, one can’t help but think, “Holy shit! These people are cray!”

GHG isn’t new, and that’s because the Christian attack on Goth sub-Culture isn’t new. One could likely write a Ph.D. dissertation on the subject. GHG probably started in response to such attacks.

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