is neither REAL nor SATIRE

Real Farmacy is difficult to categorize.

They’re not satire, but they’re not exactly real, either. Or, should I say, they’re not exactly factual.

Oh, they’ll post mostly-real; or real stories, but it’ll be a story that’s 10 years old (see below); or it will be a mostly-true story with misleading headlines, which isn’t something that is entirely new to anyone who has been following Real or Satire for any length of time.

(A hint should be in the spelling choice of “farmacy” as well as their legal disclaimer.)

Example posts:
GMOs Will Unleash Global Killer ‘Ecocide’ Across The Planet, Warns Prominent Scientist. It contains three aspects of bias that borderlines fakery: a fallacy (or two) and false information.

  • the article’s main source is a report whose main contributor is Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a statistician, not a geneticist;
  • the blatant Appeal to Nature fallacy — all things that come from nature is good; however, polio is natural, its cure is not. Is the cure, then, bad?
  • the blatant incorrect so-called fact: The Irish Potato Famine of 1845-1852 was caused by a combination of political and business factors, with Ireland exporting a majority of the potatoes out of Ireland, rather than distributing internally. This is not a valid argument that would validate an anti-GMO stance.
  • they also report about the extinction of the banana, which was supposed to have happened by 2013 (I just bought a banana at the BP at the writing of this article);
  • and they cite single-crop reliance as the reason for Florida’s citrus greening epidemic, despite the bacteria being found in Brazil and various countries in Africa and Asia.

Volkswagen’s New 300 MPG Car, Not Allowed In America. This is just plain wrong, apparently.

Man Denied Job as Police Officer Due to Above Average IQ was post in November of 2013. It’s basically a rehash of an ABCNews story back in 2000, which referred to a case that started in 1997.

The Real Farmacy post doesn’t add any commentary to the story nor does it cite any sources, which as we’ve discussed before, should raise red flags. In fact, pointing to their original source would automatically key you in that the OP is far from timely.

Does that mean the article is incorrect? Or that it isn’t relevant? Certainly not. And this is where a check for updates would come in (like an appeal, for instance) or some commentary on the state of law enforcement, pointing back to the case. But that’s not what Real Farmacy is about. They have an agenda (aside from ad revenue from click-bait) and a bias to push forward as fact.

And that’s exactly how you should take this site: one big opinion piece.

If their opinion is in line with yours, you’re likely to re-post and share an article, claiming this as proof that your view is correct. But we’ve given you three examples of just how fallible Real Farmacy is.

Editorial Note – 04-15-2014: We have removed both ‘real’ and ‘satire’ verdicts from Real Farmacy. The site is neither satire nor ‘real’ enough to be likened to other real media entities, such as Associated Press, MSNBC, and the like. Since we cannot dole out an official verdict on Real Farmacy, RealorSatire feels obligated to at least provide recommendations:

  1. Use sites like Real Farmacy to spark discussion within your social media circles.
  2. Try to verify as much as possible, first.
  3. Be careful to not pass off the story as 100% fact. It’s likely glorified opinion used to strengthen a very specific subset of philosophies.

We are considering creating other categories to cover sites like Real Farmacy.

Editorial Note – 11-16-2016: We are categorizing this as neither Real nor Satire.

  • Greg Sansom

    The page relating to the article “GMOs Will Unleash Global Killer ‘Ecocide’ Across The Planet, Warns Prominent Scientist” is not accessible !

  • Gerry

    I had my doubts when there was much misspelling and improper grammar. never take any article as fact without other confirmation.

  • Alex Taunton

    This is how people should treat everything you read on the internet, coincidentally enough: use the article to spark discussion, be wary for common myths, misperceptions, etc…, always fact-check, and acknowledge the possibility of inaccurate information they might’ve missed.

    • Brandon Patr!k


  • Laura Perez

    Wait….did you just refer to MSNBC as a ‘real media entity?’ Now THAT was satire….right?

    • John Carter

      They have a higher “fact” ratio than Fox News. Still not that good.

  • Doll_Lil

    So, there like every other news for profit organization…

  • Julian Burgess

    The site does have good nutrition articles.

    • Debatable at best. They have one on the evils of various beer, most are on their list because of HFCS. Sorry, Charlie, not nearly as evil as everyone makes out. Don’t believe me?

      There ya go. From a place that actually knows how to spell the damn word Pharmacy.

      • kevin barter

        I’m somewhat new and just thought they were using “farm” in the spelling of pharmacy as more of a natural vs. synthetic.

        • Read the site disclaimer, you’ll find they’re more for entertainment value. Seems to me they publish old articles, outdated information, and push a specific agenda.

          Look, don’t get me wrong–I’m not a fan of pharmaceuticals myself, nor do I care for the amount of chemicals present in modern foods. However, 99% of this junk they spew has been discredited by the Scientific Method.

          Still, who am I to tell another person what to read or believe? I’m a nobody, with nothing to lose or gain from this point of view.

          • Liz Boudwin

            That’s not what the “site disclaimer” says you fool. Read it again…
            They have worded the same ‘disclaimer’ that other “official” news sites claim.
            Not at all the same as a satire site…

          • Jensee

            The disclaimer is standard legal disclaimer required by the FDA on anything promoting natural ways of living.

        • Jensee


      • Julian Burgess

        Hm, interesting. I do like their articles about using cayenne pepper for medicinal benefits and to stop a heart attack, the use of peppercorn and turmeric or curcumin I believe for a healthier body. They won’t hurt me to try them at all anyways. I did find that article to be a bit of a stretch. They should go into the adverse effects of binge drinking alcohol on the body, which I’m sure are far worse than the effects of the ingredients within them.

        • Ethanol is toxic to humans, so yeah. I’d say it’s a bit worse than whatever else may be in there.

          Still and all, we, as humans, all gotta die sometime. Might as well do it with a smile on my face, eh?

          • Julian Burgess

            I can agree with that. It also depends what you’re smiling about, lol!

          • Smiling because that’s a damn fine single malt. If it don’t put a smile on your face, you’re clearly not doing it right! 😉

        • HalleG

          Do you like it because it sounds easy and feels good? Then BINGO! It’s the right source for you. If you are interested in real health, Sloan Kettering has an excellent, reputable database of herbs, medicinal plants and supplements. It also states side effects and medicines it may interact with. Fauxfarmacy won’t tell you any of that.

          I’ll tell you this, having just went through surgery for breast cancer, the lemon a day I consumed for years previously didn’t protect me and there is speculation that the turmeric I was supplementing was feeding the tumor estrogen. I may have been making the situation worse.

          • Alan Putzke

            Obviously told to you by your oncologist, who has no vested interest in you believing what he says. Please read this article:


          • HalleG

            He??? That is seriously sexist! SHE did not tell me do chemo because there is genetic testing for some breast cancers that can tell how well you will respond. My score showed it would have only prevented a reoccurrence by 3%, SHE said that the chemo risk outweighed the benefit. Dr’s don’t pass out chemo like tic tacs, they take it very seriously. However, up until recently it was all they had and it did help many survive longer or go into remission.

            The test used was Onco Type testing. It’s very new, it tests the tumor at the molecular level to understand its individual make up. Not all Drs want to douse patients with chemo. If you haven’t had cancer or have never visited an oncologist with friend/relative who does you have NO idea.

            Thanks to things like the site you are promoting they are changing the guidelines to start mammograms at 50 instead of 40. I was diagnosed at 36! Pushing the timing off like that will cost many women their lives.

            There are many dedicated scientist working daily to help understand cancer better and provide treatment. People are living long than ever.
            Since the 1960s the death rate for all types of cancer has dropped dramatically.

            I don’t wish this on you but if you were to develop cancer, it’s your body, do what you will. But don’t prevent people from getting the treatment they need.

          • Alan Putzke

            Yes, the 5-year relative survival rate for all cancers diagnosed in
            2004-2010 was 68%, up from 49% in 1975-1977 Survival statistics
            vary greatly by cancer type and stage at diagnosis.
            Relative survival is the percentage of people who are alive a designated
            time period after a cancer diagnosis (usually 5 years)
            divided by the percentage expected to be alive in the absence of
            cancer based on normal life expectancy. It does not distinguish
            between patients who have no evidence of cancer and those who
            have relapsed or are still in treatment. While 5-year relative survival
            is useful in monitoring progress in the early detection and
            treatment of cancer, it does not represent the proportion of people
            who are cured because cancer deaths can occur beyond 5
            years after diagnosis. Also earlier detection affects the five year survival rate but not necessarily the mortality rate from any given cancer. In other words, A patient may be diagnosed earlier, but die at the same time he/she (not/sexist – he is the accepted usage in the English language if the sex of the individual is unknown) would have if diagnosed later, or not at all. Finally, I seriously doubt that a single website or post would “prevent anyone from getting the treatment they need” – but I do advocate for everyone learning more about their health and bodies and not blindly following what any one individual (including doctors) tells them.

          • Liz Boudwin

            Just because a doctor told you or made you feel as though, “Dr’s don’t pass out chemo like tic tacs, they take it very seriously. ”
            Does not make it true.
            It is your opinion.
            Your opinion based on your experiences…

          • goawaybird

            Not wanting to be funny but you’re telling a cancer survivor this?

            It’s as she says, unless you’ve had cancer or watched a close friend or relative struggle with it (and die), you have no idea. Just no idea. And YOUR opinion is purely based on a lack of information.

          • Liz Boudwin

            Big deal. I couldn’t try to tell it to the millions that have died from it…

            And my opinion is based off of many people that I am surrounded by having had cancer and died from it as well as those that have lived through it.

            Please keep you lame assumptions coming.

      • syfynut

        And you believe the Mayo Clinic is looking out for your best interests! You’ve obviously not been to the mayo Clinic!

        • You obviously don’t know my medical history. So, were I you, I’d toddle off with your assumptions and just keep it to yourself. Tah.

  • Gord Bestwick

    You were far more kind than that site deserves.

    Anyone who quotes realfarmacy needs a solid whack upside the head with a science text.

    • nursekaren


  • John Peterson

    monsanto had nothing to do with this article either right? Gimme a break, real farmacy may not be totally real, but neither are you.

    • gskibum

      You are typical of the anti-science crowd who can’t argue on the facts, so everyone else who does must work for Monsanto.

      • John Peterson

        Yo are typical of a Monsanto supporter. get out of here.

  • mom2luke
    • Darren Patterson

      Not totally, all cells need sugar, just as they said, farmacy tells half truths

  • ComicBookGoddess

    The banana claim is likely due to a disease affecting the currently used strain of bananas, which (as I understand it) due to their method of reproduction they are seriously genetically susceptible. One of the io9 family of sites reported that the strain that we used to cultivate and buy earlier in the 20th century had gone extinct and was replaced by this one.

    So, if THAT site is reliable, then this site is scare-lingering based on a legitimate potential issue where they have overstated the danger before they twisted it into their agenda.

  • Alan

    Just saw an article there which states “…women who avoid sunbathing during the summer are twice as likely to die as those who sunbathe every day.” Surely that is satire?!

    • watersisland

      It’s TRUE! My grandmother use to never get in the sun — she died of cancer. HowEVER … My Mom use to tan daily. She still lives. Now THAT’S “Scientific” proof!

  • TopherX

    “The Real Farmacy post doesn’t add any commentary to the story nor does it cite any sources,” hmmm, the last story I read had way more sources listed than most of the sites considered “real” .

  • Terry Henderson

    Teetering on the edge of real or not is a disservice to people. fake stuff creates hate and anger. Stop that!

  • random456

    RealOrSatire-dot-com — Real, or worthless poorly argued hit-jobs? The verdict– worthless poorly argued hit-jobs.

  • cece

    Just to keep it real ..for all the “science” slaves out there….

  • Peperino

    You are a Satire if you consider MSNBC as real media!! Maybe you are paid by the corporations???

  • Peperino

    Are you receiving money from Monsanto as well?? maybe you consider them as a good company…hahah

  • beenice

    We’ve been told by the FDA that the tested, safe and effective NSAIDS were ok to use. Many people were prescribed to use them daily by their doctors in the late 70’s. Then they went OTC because they were considered so safe. Now this: so supposed good science ain’t that great either. Heck it took Merck 38,000+ cardiac deaths from Vioxx to black box the drug and 5 more years to finally pull it from the market in ’04’. So really, you can’t trust anything. It’s all for $$$. Best to just eat a good balanced diet daily and exercise.

    • nursekaren

      NAIDS are still safe if taken correctly. It’s up to the consumer to take the drug according to the instructions. The problem appears when the drug is inadvertently abused. If the drug is taken too often and/or too much, or along with contra-indicated medication, then that becomes a problem.

  • Ben the Extremist

    obviously a paid shill site… (this one)

  • >We are considering creating other categories to cover sites like Real Farmacy.

    How about “Folk Wisdom”? A commodity typically denominated in piles.

  • John Carter

    Why don’t we just call this lying propaganda for people susceptible to the kind of gossip that depends on a lack of scientific education and trained thinking.

  • Christopher Warren

    They’re a tin-hat page on par with InfoWars, Rense, NaturalNews and and really, that’s all you need to know about them. Scopie’s Law, indeed………

  • Liz Boudwin

    LMAO! A list of your opinions doesn’t make real farmacy satire….
    This site is more hilarious than “The Borowitz Report…”

  • Nathair /|

    The Irish potato “famine ” was genocide by direct policy of the English rulers.

  • Jensee

    I don’t know if RealFarmacy is factual or not, since I don’t read it, but NO site promoting natural living will ever be categorized correctly simply because the majority of people are ignorant on natural eating, natural health, herbs, etc. By these standards, everything in a health food store is “satire” or “realorsatire” or false.

    That disclaimer proves nothing other than they’re complying with the law (I have to put that on my blog just to talk about essential oils, natural cleaning, or what I use to treat my kids illness, otherwise, I could be sued or fined).

  • Elizabeth

    alternatively for all health concerned, is a site run by a medical doctor

    • Rob

      A quack medical doctor.

      • ICBM904

        Beyond quack. “Mercola” is an internet word meaning “scroll faster.”

  • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

    Now we have to fact-check the fact-checkers.

  • Ibrahim Mohamed

    As for me, its better late than never. I usually study first the issue, the facts given, etc, etc….. than I do my research and own finding…. So finally…. to receive or reject the statement of everything….hahaha

  • Dennis Tedder

    Or do two years of med school. Or biochemistry; much cheaper.

  • heckubiss

    Problem is some people are just too stupid to realize how stupid they are. Its called the Dunning Kruger effect. My suggestion is to become facebook friends with the following people, Scientists, engineers, physicists, psychologists, etc. ie highly educated people that preferably have published in peer reviewed journals. Start a FB group with these people and before you post ANYTHING from ANY Site, post it to the group and see what their opinion of it is.


    You people are actually debating the legitimacy of a CLICKBAIT website, an ideological one at that, which uses ZERO science and doesn’t even reference it’s so-called articles with ANY actual scientific material, the myriads of it which exists to debunk their bullshit.

    I mean, they regularly post articles claiming that, as just one absolutely ridiculous example, “chemotherapy doesn’t work”. Well, the reality is that NOTHING WORKS. Humans have not cured cancer, in the entire history of life.

    This is America today—a first-world country which offers it’s citizens almost anything they desire… anything you wish to do with your life, like attaining an actual education, you can do…

    but yet, we sit here and fear-based clickbait websites are considered legitimate by so many weak-minded people.

    It’s just so unbelievably sad.

  • Vicky Baker

    neither real nor satire…. try “woo” 🙂

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