Fake news poorly written.

Your face would likely implode from the horrible grammar long before you get around to accidentally mistaking any of these articles as legit and sharing them.

And maybe that’s the point?

From their About Us disclaimer in the footer of their homepage: is a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.

Whatever that means.

UPDATE: You can read more about at this Fusion story from 2015.

EDITOR’S NOTE: People need to stop being butt-hurt about their favorite site being labeled “satire.” The creators of the site (Pablo Reyes, David Martinez) have gone on record several times, stating their intentions for their fake site. Including when Reyes talked to VICE about Cartel Press, also a fake — or “faux” — news site.

Reyes also spoke with the Washington Post about Cartel Press and mentioned Huzlers.

If you fell for either site, you wouldn’t be the first — and likely won’t be the last.

From an editor’s POV, Huzlers has improved its writing since 2014.

  • What kind of fake s#!$ is this and im 12

  • Guppy Effect

    I think we should stop calling sites “satire” when they are patently unfunny by all metrics of humor. “Faux news” would be a better moniker.

    • Helena_Handbasket

      The thing is, comedy is subjective.. and I’m seeing some BRILLIANT satire being called out as unfunny just because Someone either didn’t get the joke, they’re butthurt they went on a post spree like an idiot calling something true without checking it, or they are the butt of the joke.

      • dontworryaboutit

        The real sadness is that these are aimed for the hoodrat or computer illiterate fags who don’t know anything about the news in the world. And they actually believe it most of the time.

      • thank you.

  • Sandra Leal

    Why did you ban me

  • Sandra Leal

    You think you can ban me cuz I told people you were a fake site

  • Sandra Leal

    I am glad I took screenshots of your lies and when you banned me

  • Heelchamp

    Fauxtire. That urban for shitty writing and/or lack of grammar?

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