is neither REAL nor SATIRE

One of the things that I like about is this pic, found on their page, “This is Not a Hate Site“: โ€”

Image from; notice the height size, though, which was unmanipulated by anyone here. Yikes!

Please note the height size of this unaltered image, taken directly from their site.

โ€” which has this caption โ€”

Proper Biblical Anger Versus Sinful Hatred

At first, we judged as an example of Poe’s Law. (It was the height of that image that did it to us!)

Looking at the shirts, you have the one shirt that reads, “Proper Biblical Anger,” next to a second shirt labelled, “Sinful Hatred.” For a site that claims to not be a hate site, that second shirt is certainly quite hateful. So it’s gotta be a joke, right?

Jesus Is Savior was founded by David J. Stewart, who also runs (created just in case he lost a trademark case for as well as and

At this point, any notion of Poe’s Law has been completely obliterated.

Between his 3-4 sites (at any given time), you really get a firm grip on all of Stewart’s . . . frothiness. He accused GLSEN of wanting to teach school teens how to “gay fist-sex” and a literal shit-tonne of other conspiracies, either originated or linked from one of Stewart’s sites.

The site David Stewart Exposed spent the better part of 2009 – 2013 exposing “the errant ‘ministry’ of David J. Stewart” and the “hypocrisy in his personal behavior and teachings.”

Everything from trademark disputes to the way more egregious child abuse/molestation charge is covered with an enviable amount of detail and scrutiny uncommon in even today’s modern journalism . . . if only the links provided as evidence actually worked.

In fairness, there’s the David J. Stewart Defended blogspot, “written” by a Darien Santiago in a writing style that is practically a carbon copy of David Stewart’s writing style. But Santiago admits that the two “hold an EXACT DUPLICATE of beliefs” . . . so of course they would have the same writing style.

Because of course. Sure. Why not.


But we’re not here to make a judgment call about the frothiness of his beliefs or the shadiness of his character. You could be forgiven if you thought and the bevvy of rotating companion sites are just an extreme example of a long-con by way of Poe’s Law. But the sheer amount of poorly designed content leads us to conclude that David J. Stewart is straight-up for real with his seemingly ever-growing bevy of websites.

Well . . . except Darien Santiago’s articles on David J. Stewart Defended. That’s clearly a sockpuppet.

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