If reading the news for you means just skimming the headlines, then you’ll likely find Lightly Braised Turnip to be the bane of your article-resharing life.

The headlines are sometimes attention grabbing (Obamacare’s Post-Partum Abortion Requirement Riles Anti-Choice Foes And Catholic Church and sometimes quite innocently mundane (Janet Yellen Trailblazes New Territory For Women As She Takes The Helm At The Fed Reserve.

But you have to read the article in its entirety; the comedy is buried deep in the text, as in the Janet Yellen article:

“Oh my god, I’m so bad with numbers!” she said in good-natured fashion.
[. . .] I’m just going to listen to whoever sounds the smartest[.]”

Occasionally, LBT will post something that is neither news nor satire, though it may still be rife with humor, as in this rather sweet look back on Michael Jackson as a child-star. As far as we can tell, articles on LBT that are as safe to reshare as the Michael Jackson one is a rarity.

LBT has an interesting take on their ‘Disclaimer’ page:

The LBT itself has been forced to confront some of its writers’ failure to corroborate stories or invent facts whole cloth. [. . .] The LBT retains the right to invent facts for its own financial health. [. . . O]ur editorial board advises readers to corroborate all stories on their own and ASSUME NO STORIES ARE TRUE.

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