Houston, we have a problem . . .

The Melbourneer is primarily a depository of cool images, GIFs, and the like. Their page is separates into topics just as “Cool Man,” “GIFs,” and my personal favorite, “Suddenly!”

Some of their images may be too awesome to believe, such as Kumi Yamashita’s “Portrait Made From a Single Thread Wrapped Around Thousands of Nails,” but they are, in fact, true.

Many of their photos are actually originals, as far as we can glean, like in this article. Some photos are more timely, such as this article about Anderson Cooper’s daring rescue of a Haitian boy caught in crossfire. Many photos and GIFs are editorial in nature, like this assertion of Tom Cruise’s best role. (Spoiler Alert: They’re right.)

But there’s a fair amount of Reddit reshares on the Melbourneer, which could be a potential problem. This photo was originally shared on Reddit, roughly 6 months before it appeared (without commentary) on Melbourneer.

Melbourneer’s tag-line is “Awesome Funny Pics” and not “Awesome Funny Absolutely True Pics,” so if you share something from them, you might want to Google-search it, first. Caveat emptor.

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