We almost feel bad reviewing nbc-news.net. Undoubtedly, seasoned RoS visitors wouldn’t fall for the site’s cheap tactics. Putting this here kinda feels like we’re insulting our readership. But . . . someone submitted it, so we’re obliged to review it.

NBC-News.net does have a super-tiny About page with a super-tiny Disclaimer:

nbc-news.net - Satire, I guess

The above is, as noted, the disclaimer that was used on reportquickly.com. We suppose it’s the same owners who are now trying to cash-in on identity proximity with the new name, as reportquickly.com is, as of this writing, no longer in service.

Adding to the shadiness, in earlier articles, like this one, they listed the author as NBC.COM:

Actually kind of a funny article.

Author listed for the article, Hillary Clinton: “My First Executive Order Will Be To Remove The Desk From The Oval Office, Where My Husband Had Sexual Relations

More recent articles list the author as NBC NEWS:

Actually not very funny.

Author listed for the article, Woman Puts Poison On Her Vagina To Kill Husband When He Went Down On Her

Interestingly enough (though not really), their link “Cash Me Outside” Girl Found Dead After Apparent Suicide, which has already been proven false, redirects to a FlyHeight article about that same girl getting “Her Azz Beat in the Hood.” We guess reports of her death had been so thoroughly debunked that they instead wanted to push a different (presumably) fake story on a new fake news source. (Maybe they were part of the 200+ sites banned from Google’s AdSense and this is their way around it?)

Either way, you should probably not consider any ‘news’ article from nbc-news.net, flyheight.com, or reportquickly.com as Real.

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