I mean . . . we are Americans over here at Real or Satire. 😉

I can read and write German fairly well, but that’s the extent of our linguistic skills outside of English.

When I see a .nl top-level domain and some German-looking words on the website, I assume it’s likely a Dutch-based site. While Dutch and German have many linguistic differences, they do share some words (like loanwords from Greek and Latin, which satire and parody are). Fortunately, I know that ‘satirische’ and ‘Parodie’ mean “satirical” and “parody” in German.

So when I read, on Speld’s disclaimer page

De artikelen die geplaatst worden op deze website zijn persiflerend, satirisch of parodiërend van aard. [Emphasis mine]

— I can safely assume the site is satirical in nature.

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