is SATIRE, when it is up and available on something other than Google cached, is just a repository of silly stuff found on Reddit and other sources, and the occasional original material.

The original stuff that was on there, like the woman who named her child after her favorite mega superstore, is likely made up (seeing as no source was given).

There was this article, Guy Plans To Start Nevada Brothel With Ugly Girls, who mentions John Grapper. Preliminary search finds a John Grapper from the U.K. who is a self-styled “rogue trader,” which sounds simultaneously cool as hell and boring as fuck.

The thing I do admire about is that they are at least trying to create the satirical ‘news’ that people link to.

For instance, when we were researching the woman who named her child after her fave super-store, every link that mentioned it (and there were a lot) pointed back to So while they have some regurgitated material, they also have a shit-tonne of original pieces — which is commendable in this day and age of Reddit Recopy.

But if you’re looking to reshare a link with your Facebook buddies, making fun of how silly and stupid people are, well . . . irony is likely lost on you anyway.

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