is neither REAL nor SATIRE

When Failbluedot joined Reddit 3 months ago, this was their* introduction:

Just joined reddit and tried to look if there was a specific place in this subreddit to introduce myself first — sorry if I missed the right place before posting. Russian Jewish atheist in Sydney increasingly interested in SJ issues and decreasing worldsuck. Hello 🙂

The epi-pseudonymous website is likely a depository of the author’s (or authors’) personal opinions of various stuff — stuff that they believe would make Earth (the blue dot, get it?) un-Fail.

We don’t always agree with the opinions on the site, and you can find holes in a lot of their logic, but at least they take the time to research their opinions and include the links that they feel strengthens said opinions.

It’s not satire. It’s not “real” in the sense that it’s definitive factual news. But it is, on many occasions, a good read. Definitely worth bookmarking.

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