We love The Platain.

They’re funny. They have videos. And, for our purposes, they made it easy to determine their satirical nature.

If you cannot glean their comedy from their videos (like “Plantain Action News: Amendment 2: The Plantain Gets High!” or “Traffic Fatalities Increase 9% According To Article I Read On My Phone While Driving,” for example), they have it up on their About page:

The Plantain's About page clearly marks their satirical nature.

The Plantain’s ABOUT page clearly marks their satirical nature.

The Plantain’s satire, however, is steeped in honest-to-goodness headline news. E.g., the article Airlines Ban Cellphones Over Fear of Exploding Samsungs, contains this nugget:

“This is torture. I haven’t not checked my phone for more than a few minutes in years,” said frequent flyer and double-negative user Jonah Fernandez as he waited at Miami International Airport for his thrice delayed flight to New Jersey to attend his father’s third marriage.

The emphasis shows the bit of comedy that should signal, well . . . comedy. Of course, the issue of Samsung’s ‘exploding’ Galaxy Note 7 surely received the airline banhammer — and rightly so! — but that did not get every cellphone banned from all flights. (Although the notion of a $250 pre-screen app from the airlines would no doubt be appealing to them!)

We encourage you to check out their site for a good laugh! As they are based out of Miami, a lot of their humor might slightly target southern Florida citizens. You should still be able to appreciate much of their humor.

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