is SATIRE is a Turkish site.

No one here speaks any Turkish.

We were going to simply leave it at that* but we were able to gleen that the site is satire from their Wikipedia page**, which uses both “ironik” and “The Onion News” — two dead giveaways! But to be safe, we checked Google Translate. Machine-translation at its “finest.

Original Wiki Version:

Zaytung mizahi ve ironik haberler veren, Türkiye merkezli bir internet sitesidir. “The Onion News” adlı mizansen haberler yapan bir ABD sitesinden etkilenilerek hazırlanmıştır.[3][4] Zaytung adı, Almanca’da gazete anlamına gelen “Zeitung” kelimesinden gelir.

Dubiously Translated Version:

Zaytung humorous and ironic that news is a website based in Turkey. “The Onion News” has been prepared scene Influenced by news that a US website. [3] [4] zaytung name, meaning in the German newspaper “Zeitung” comes from the word.

A quick search reveals at least one instance where a viable news source mistook a Zaytung article as a legit article. If you can read Turkish, enjoy: Zaytung Ermenileri ters köşeye yatırdı

* We don’t really do foreign language sites.
** Unless it’s real obvious or super easy! lol

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