Lercio.it was going to be another site that we’d pass on making commentary on. But one of the first images I was presented when I visited http://www.lercio.it/ was this one:

Jesus & Zombie -- together again!

. . . which admittedly is fuckin’ awesome.

So how hard can it be?

Even better than the image, though, is the quote that Lercio is able to get from our Lord and Savior:

“Sono cose che succedono.”
(Translation: These things happen.)

Really, Jesus? That’s all you got to say for saving our souls only to introduce zombies into the world?

Let’s just go ahead and mark Lercio.it as ‘satire’ and go about our regular day, eh? Shame that we don’t speak Italian here, because Lercio looks like it’s a lot of fun!

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