Fake news. Sometimes funny… but always fake.

On their About page, they have the address and phone number for the Westboro Baptist Church hatemongers, which we find deliciously funny.

There’s also this:

Thanks to ABC News President & CEO, Dr. Paul “Un-Buzz Killington” Horner for making ABC News the greatest website in the multiverse. We need writers!

Find out more about Paul Horner here and here and here.

  • Mike

    Looking at the site, this seems like a clear case of ClickBait.

  • MeAndJuliaDownByTheSchoolYard

    This kind of stuff exists only to confuse, it has no satirical benefit whatsoever. We are fugged.

    • Paul Horner

      You don’t understand what the author is trying to do

  • Flora ElectroHart

    It even has an article saying that a strain of marijuana can make people gay! WTF?!?!

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