Consider Death & Taxes more as one big pisstake.

It’s primarily a op-ed site, and much of their content is pretty enjoyable to read and safe to reshare.

They, too, tend to fall for the occasional misconstruance*, like the Nazi Salute of the Anti-Gay Alternative to the Boy Scout story, which they later updated with a footnote (in smaller font that the rest of the story) at the tail-end of the article but without marking the headline with a perfunctory “UPDATED” tag. So people are still seeing the picture, seeing the headline, reading (maybe) 1 or 2 paragraphs, and resharing.

So for this reason, and the op-ep nature of the entire site, we’re making this as both real and satire, if only to give you pause in the hopes that you’ll be careful when judging D&T content or choosing to reshare D&T content.

*I realize that ‘misconstruence’ isn’t a word (yet), but please allow me this nominalization, at least this once.

  • Jerry

    Recently published article about Trump supporting NAMBLA has been debunked by Apparently this was done done by a Bot that mimics Trump. Character created by J Peterman (a character name from Seinfeld) Get real on your stories. Printing false accusations is still slander

    • JerkfaceMcGee

      It’s actually called “libel”.

  • Mike Maricle

    Either you’re satire, or you’re not. This maybe yes, maybe no is Bullshit.

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