Viral Worthy can’t even be original enough to come up with a better name for itself.

It’s another Upworthy clone. Another in a long list of Upworthy clones.

Viral Worthy basically scours the ‘Net for something that is “amazing” and “unbelievable” and “shocking” and re-post it.


They posted this on April 28th, two days after Buzzfeed did.

Buzzfeed collected the information from a thread about useful websites, compiles a list, posts, and then in swoops Viral Worthy and the other copy-cat-clones to re-post. They at least had the decency to try and come up with an introductory paragraph.

That’s the least they could do.

[Writer’s Note: They also amended the title to let us know which site was their favourite — because we all wanted to know that, right?]

We’ll mark this “Real, with caveats”: Don’t expect fact-checking or timeliness from Viral Worthy. If you’re subscribed to Reddit or Upworthy or Buzzfeed, you’ve already read what VW has to offer.

[Editor’s Amendment: We hadn’t even posted an update on Twitter or Facebook that we had passed verdict on Viral Worthy, but we got a comment from Viral Worthy. (See below.) To be fair, they did supply a different site from Buzzfeed’s original list. And whereas #7 on Buzzfeed’s site is more of a Lifehacker-y kind of useful, Viral Worthy’s #7 is actually useful-useful. Our opinion, of course. This doesn’t change our overall verdict of Viral Worthy, but it at least shows promise.]

  • ViralWorthynet


    I would say we’re aiming more for a Buzzfeed type of website. Incorporating several diverse sections (Fashion, Business, Politics, Luxury, Travel etc) to be launched soon and managed by their own team. Vast majority of those will be original content written by the team. So other websites will be just taking our content (kind of like what we are doing for now to build a base audience).

    On that note, we did change a couple things in the 33 websites article. We switched one of the websites for one we believed was even better (which I mentioned in the title 😉 ).

    So yeah, not an Upworthy clone. Not a big fan either that is why we aim NOT to have the same content as them.

    But thanks for the mention. Hopefully you can amend a few of your statements when we start publishing original content but for now, your comments are fair!

    I believe the name is original for the simple reason that it is relevant to our plans. We are currently working on implementing a feature that will allow users to vote on whether or not the articles going around are “viralworthy”. So visitors will be able to see the best/top voted “ViralWorthy” content! :)

  • ViralWorthynet

    Thank you for the amendment! We will be announcing the launch of our Fashion section some point this weekend or early next week. Many of the other sections will soon follow!

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