I like their logo.

I also like how all of the main sections start with “dis-“, except “dystopia” — which draws the eye to it. They could have gone the route of forcing the motif with a spelling change (“distopia”) but by choosing not to, I actually want to read that section first.

Dismagazine.com is a collection of music, art, and fashion (possibly literature) — as well as user-driven critiques on the aforementioned. It seems to also consider self-celebrityism as an artform, so it will delve into the murky world of Youtube fandoms and Internet Sensations/Celebrities.

From their Facebook page:

DIS Magazine is a digital media platform about the near-future. It’s on and offline projects examine art, fashion, music, and culture, constructing and supporting new creative practices.

We’ll be paying close attention to DISmagazine.

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