The Elephant in the Room is a political rant-blog that takes real events and dessiminates them with a heavy dose of sarcasm, satire, and all-around rantyness.

It’s hard to label this as a “satire” site, because the events discussed really did happen:

Elizabeth Lauten did call Obama’s children “classless.”
Keystone WL was blocked, for now.

The first line in the Keystone XL article is, “The blockage of the Keystone XL pipeline is infringing on our right to destroy the environment, folks!” If that’s not sarcasm, then I never met the man.

It seems as though this blog is new; it started in November. What’s interesting (more than the inexplicable decision of having most of your text white-on-red-background) is the About section:

This blog was created in an attempt to analyze the absurdity of partisan politics from the perspective of a “Republican.”

So . . . is the author a kinda-Republican? Former-Republican? A not-at-all-Republican?? We don’t get it.

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