Yes, someone submitted Facebook to RorS.

And I wonder if this is more of an existential question: “Is Facebook real? Are we real? Is any of this real??”

I don’t have the Ph.D.s required to answer that question for you.

And while getting rich from a patchwork pastiche of previous ideas might seem farcical, we can assure you that Facebook is, indeed, real.

I mean, it really exists. And all them zeroes in Mark Z’s bank account are sho’nuff real. And they ain’t leading zeroes either.

Now whether or not it’s satirical depends on the company you keep.

So . . . you should ask yourself: Is your Facebook real . . . ? Or satire?

Editor’s Note: I was tempted to mark this as “Uncategorized,” but keeping with the question of ‘What is real?’ I’m going to let the original verdict stand.

For now.

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