There’s no easy find for News Chicken. There’s no disclaimer or about or terms of service page on their site; the social media icons don’t link to anything but the dreaded /#/, which just reloads the current page you’re on; their Facebook page posts a combination of their own stories and (mostly) viral stories from other sources, incld. TMZ.

But there are clues to the site’s legitamacy once you look at some of their original — er, sorry, “original” — stories.

Woman arrested for masturbating with sausage in ASDA toilets

This sounds suspiciously like’s story about a woman was arrested at a Louisiana WalMart for masturbating in a restroom with a Jimmy Dean sausage — even at the sentence-level:

NewsChicken: Now8News:
Police are calling this the strangest crime of 2016. Police are calling this a crime of the unthinkable [. . .].
Shoppers then seen her running into the women’s toilets where she stayed for at least 20 minutes. CCTV footage then shows the woman walking to the bathroom, where she remained for at least 30 minutes.
When I asked her to stop what she was doing she just looked me straight in the eyes and continued to victimize the stolen sausages” He said that when he entered “She didn’t even stop. She just stared at me and kept going.”

“Due to the fact she was a Big-Girl we decided it was best we ring the police to deal with this matter”. Shocked, and also frightened for his safety due to the fact that Johnson is a “big girl,” the 140 pound security guard said he ran out until police arrived.

It took 4 Police officers around 35 minutes to restrain the woman [. . .] All in all, it took 7 police officers to restrain Johnson and pry the victimized sausage out of the woman’s hands.

Basically, this site appears to be a fake news site geared for the U.K.

But some of the more sensational and shocking news might have some truth to them, especially the ones with accompanying video.

Plus, come on — News Chicken? Plucking Nuts? Don’t make us work that hard for this one, ‘kay?

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