Of the 223 submissions for, the top 2 articles sent to us were by far: “Trump Calls Jesus a Loser” and “Grandmother with AK-47 Saves Cops Being Attacked by Street Gang.”

Now8News isn’t upfront about their site content by means of a disclaimer, so a fair bit of investigation is needed. Fortunately we don’t have to go too far to find the proof we need.

Many of NEw8News’ headlines are spectacularly eye-catching; we wish many of them were true — like the grandma one! But many stories tend to be rehashes from comedy or proven-satire sites. This kinda makes their “First in News” tagline . . . well . . . a lie.

The Trump-Jesus-Loser tweet first appeared on the comedy site, The Good Lord Above back in 2015 and then was reposted in 2016.

And lest you think that mayhaps The Good Lord Above is real news, you can read this from their Terms & Conditions page:

The Good Lord Above -- Delicious Satirical and funny!The Good Lord Above - Funny, aye; Real News? Nahhh!

What makes this story so shareable is that it is steeped in believability. Trump is known for basically calling any- and everyone a ‘loser’ in one way or another.

And it’s the believability that sites like bank on.

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