is neither REAL nor SATIRE

Jeebus H. Criminy! Not only is the site straight out of Web 1.0, reading their Disclaimer page is like reading a freakin’ Proust novel.

The site was started by noted American conspiracy theorist (and Holocaust denier) Jeff Rense, and the disclaimer acts to absolve Rense of any wrongdoing:

Neither Jeff Rense nor necessarily adhere to, or endorse, any or all of the links, stories, articles, editorials, or products offered by sponsors found on this site, or broadcast on the Jeff Rense radio program.

However, a 2009 report from the Anti-Defamation League points out:

[. . .] Jeff Rense’s assertions on the show make clear he is himself anti-Semitic. For example, during July 2007 broadcasts, Rense claimed, “A lot of Zionists were in the slave trade too. A tremendous Zionist/Jewish participation in that filthy business.” He also alleged, “The Neocons are essentially servants of the Zionist/Jewish/Rothschild cartel that is pushing the Middle East agenda,” and referred to Zionists as “evil Satanists.”

If you like Conspiracy theories and pseudoscience, all wrapped in a silky, velvet-voiced package, then you’ll love his radio show and, by extension,

  • Jack Raptor

    The inflammatory term “Conspiracy Theory” was deliberately fabricated by the CIA, in conjunction with the Tavistock Institute in 1947 for the express purpose of ridiculing anyone who attempts to warn or raise awareness (Another Tavistock created term. LOL) about the machinations of the Global Elites. That this site would use the cockroaches from the ADL as litmus tests for veracity is ridiculous, more so for the SPLC. Follow the money, Folks, or rather, the shekels. Such sites, like Snopes, Politifact or even Wikipedia, are fronts, bought and paid for by the same vermin who control the World behind the scenes.

    • Takiwa

      Very accurate and well stated.

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