While based out of India, The Unreal Times has their satirical nature plastered on less than seven places:

  1. the subtitle on their website;
  2. on Google search results for The Unreal Times where the same subtitle sits — so I’m counting it twice!;
  3. the Footer on their website;
  4. the About Us section on their website;
  5. the separate disclaimer on that same About Us page of their website;
  6. in their Twitter profile;
  7. and on their Facebook page.
  8. (Eight places, if you want to count their Wikipedia page.)

And they do speak English over there.

One would think that there would be no excuse for passing on articles from The Unreal Times as news; however, despite all this, The Unreal Times has been quoted, their articles mistaken for truth, by other international news agencies, as well as their own government officials. It’s the latter bit that has gotten them in trouble and is likely the reason they’ve posted 7 times that they are satirical in nature.

(This is also a good time to note their spelling of “UnReal” — as in ‘not real,’ but not as in ‘unreal.’ #Winning_Through_Grammar!)

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