Real or Satire?

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The Babylon Bee wears its satire on its sleeve, making no attempt to hide its satirical intentions. The site is refreshingly funny, as well, and comes recommended to those who are not easily offended. -

From their About page: Empire News is a satirical and entertainment website. We only use invented names in all our stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental. All contributors are responsible for the content of their own material in respect to (but not limited to) copyright, libel… -

The definition of specious: 1. Having the ring of truth or plausibility but actually fallacious: a specious argument. 2. Deceptively attractive. So it’s in the website title. -

Okay, you smart-asses! 😉 After several submissions for Real or Satire, I guess it’s time to give ourselves an entry. Real or Satire is, as best we can determine, real. You’re welcomed to submit URL of a news story. If it’s from a source that we’ve already researched and verified, then you’ll receive a verdict: real or satire*. If the… - is actually a pretty good source for vetting political (mis)information. As far as we can tell, it’s not satire. They do a pretty good job at taking an article and debunking it with plenty of hyperlinked information and sources. Remember: You should always @mdash; always! @mdash; check sources. You definitely don’t want to fall completely down a source-search rabbit-hole,… -

As of this writing, has this image on the landing page: — which asks you to visit Click THAT link fires off a series of 2 or 3 redirects in rapid succession, before landing on a page asking you to disable search tracking. We want to mark them as ClickBait — and likely dangerous for your computer’s well-being… -

Betoota is a small town in Diamantina Shire, in the Channel Country of Central West Queensland, Australia. Betoota Advocate, however, still has some Lorem Ipsum text on it. I’m assuming it’s not real. Now whether it’s pure gossip or satire is a question for another day. Since we don’t have bullshit category, we’re gonna mark this one “satire.” -

There's no easy find for News Chicken. But there are clues to the site's legitamacy once you look at some of their original -- er, sorry, "original" -- stories. -

Any site whose abbreviation is, basically, BS News should be immediately suspect; however, we don't really need to second-guess their intent. -

Fortunately, you don't need to look far to see the intent of -- it's in their footer, complete with their own Satire rating, just in case. -

Though not as prevalent as previous years, Channel 45 News is a prank-news generator, much like Break Your Own News. So this story about Justin Bieber coming out as bisexual and dating Ricky Martin is fake. Of course, with the word “prank” plastered all over the site, we can only assume that the intent of Channel 45 News is pure clickbait.… -

I like their logo. I also like how all of the main sections start with “dis-“, except “dystopia” — which draws the eye to it. They could have gone the route of forcing the motif with a spelling change (“distopia”) but by choosing not to, I actually want to read that section first. is a collection of music, art,… -

I guess we are to consider to be the WebMD of religion. Never mind the implications of that analogy; simply take it at face value. The grisly story that was submitted to us for review, “Christian zealot beheads teen for practicing witchcraft,” is unfortunately true. And while Patheos is fond of citing The Washington Times a lot — itself,… -

For us, resolves to, which we’ve previousy covered as “satire” (read: fake). In all likelihood,, with its similar design, is similarly fake, set up simply to lure social media users into clicking on them and generating ad revenue. You can read more about at this Fusion story from 2015. Remember: Huzler described themselves as “the most… -

“I thought I can help [Trump] to win the presidency by creating a website. So I created I feel sorry for posting some ‘fake’ news. I removed them but at that time, I didn’t really know about them being fake.” -

We hate even reviewing sites like, because we know it'll just drive traffic to the site, which is the only thing ClickBait sites like is interested in. -

We honestly surprised it took nearly three years to get a Snopes submission. Are they real? Fake? Biased? Read on for our verdict! -

The story submitted to us for America News Project was this one: Small Indiana Town To Change Name To Avoid Clinton Reference. Their About Us page features a fair bit of cheek: As you likely well know, the National Report and Daily Currant are both satire sites. (If you did not know this, feel free to click those links and… -

With, it (thankfully) doesn’t take much to determine if the site is real or satire. From their About page: But the real question: Are they funny though? Ehhh . . . humor is subjective. -

We love The Platain. They’re funny. They have videos. And, for our purposes, they made it easy to determine their satirical nature. If you cannot glean their comedy from their videos (like “Plantain Action News: Amendment 2: The Plantain Gets High!” or “Traffic Fatalities Increase 9% According To Article I Read On My Phone While Driving,” for example), they have…

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real.