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iacknowledge(class warfare exists).net may be alittle heavy-handed in their topics and approach — and might be considered extremely left-leaning to the point of obfuscation — but a fact-check of three random posts check out. They’re not above pulling the Upworthy-like headlines, such as “This Deaf Pit Bull Puppy Was Heartlessly Kidnapped. How He Made It Home Is Incredible,” One clue… -

The article sent to us to review was "World’s First Head Transplant A Success After Nineteen Hour Operation." But . . . is it real? - is Satire, using humor to counter left-wing talking points, such as this one: Undoubtedly these “liberal talking points” are taken out of context, which is a common conceit on both sides; otherwise, it wouldn’t be funny. -

With their site’s tagline being “News Written By You,” it should be fairly obvious. But if that doesn’t tip you off, and you find headlines such as “Hogwarts becomes second free school closed in a week”, then take a look at their FAQ page: NewsBiscuit was launched in September 2006, with a view to increasing the amount of British satire… -

WARNING: WorldNetDaily (WND) is an American web site that publishes political content from the perspective of U.S. conservatives and the political right. So expect heavy coloring. They are likely the source of many ultra-Right folks’ conservative conspiracies, e.g., Obama’s birth certificate non-issue. But we wouldn’t call WND ‘conserva-nutjobs’ or anything of the sort. WND has a lot of personal commentary… -

Content heavily reliant on lists have been the bane of many people’s leisure-time reading since time immemorial. Well . . . maybe not that long, but we get lists all the time, from Rolling Stone to David Letterman. Billboard Magazine is practically just one big-ol’ list and BuzzFeed got its initial, ahem, buzz from their high turnover list-rate. Which is… -

Although not a news site, I figured I’d go ahead and throw our hat in the ring about How many of you saw the movie “Antiviral”? The premise is this: In a dystopian, celebrity-obsessed near-future, Syd March is employed by the Lucas Clinic, a company which purchases viruses and other pathogens from celebrities who fall ill, in order to… - is based in the U.K. and geared mostly towards that audience. We looked at two stories, as best we could, to determine if it's real or not. Read onward: -

The article submitted to us for Outfoxednews was this one — The Senate will vote to decide if climate change is real — which has all the makings of a satirical jab at Congressional incompetence and self-importance. I mean . . . voting whether or not something exists doesn’t have any impact on that thing’s actual existence, right? Alas, Congress… -

We love The Platain. They’re funny. They have videos. And, for our purposes, they made it easy to determine their satirical nature. If you cannot glean their comedy from their videos (like “Plantain Action News: Amendment 2: The Plantain Gets High!” or “Traffic Fatalities Increase 9% According To Article I Read On My Phone While Driving,” for example), they have… -

Abiyamo is a Nigerian news and entertainment blog. It’s likely real with global stories slanted towards the African culture in general, and Nigeria specifically. One story they had (Egyptian Court Quashes One Of The Two Life Sentences Handed To Ex-President Mohamed Morsi) check outs with both BBC and Aljezeera. Sometimes you will find stories that have no source cited, like… -

Their site tag says it all: “Satire for the wise. News for the dumb.” -

This appears to be set up by John B, but who knows. All we know is it is definitely satire. Eric Prydz is NOT suing over 1000 EDM artists in “World’s Largest Ever Copyright Lawsuit” over ‘Pryda Snare’ sample. “@benlstoner: @ericprydz yeah, let's just sue people over a fucking snare sample.” You'll kick yourself… — Eric Prydz (@ericprydz) April 28,… -

“I thought I can help [Trump] to win the presidency by creating a website. So I created I feel sorry for posting some ‘fake’ news. I removed them but at that time, I didn’t really know about them being fake.” -

This is a political satire/humor site for “The Citizen,” a.k.a. BJ Schwartz; however, it has a serious side. Those more serious posts are under the banner of “The Serious Citizen,” but they are op-ed pieces and shouldn’t be believed whole-heartedly as factual, rather, one’s opinion. From the About page: [. . . BJ] harkens back to his college days doing… -

The Elephant in the Room is a political rant-blog that takes real events and dessiminates them with a heavy dose of sarcasm, satire, and all-around rantyness. It’s hard to label this as a “satire” site, because the events discussed really did happen: Elizabeth Lauten did call Obama’s children “classless.” Keystone WL was blocked, for now. The first line in the… -

Heavy Caveat: Return of Kings is real, in the respect that the owner is dead-serious about his beliefs. It is, as best we can tell, neither satire nor an example of Poe’s Law. Return of Kings is owned — and likely directly admin’ed — by Daryush Valizadeh, also known as Roosh V and Roosh Vorek, a self-styled “pick-up artist”or [PUA].… -

[Update: It appears the .ie site is completely gone. The other page,, is still up and running.] Admittedly, this has gotten me a fair couple times, but it is fake. It re-directs to Wunderground Music now. Again, from their Disclaimer page: Wunderground is a fictionalized, satirical publication. Its content should in no way be interpreted as an actual record… -

The story from submitted to us was this one: Queen Elizabeth Makes Heartbreaking Announcement About Royal Family’s Future Now defunct fake-news Brit sites, 1ndependent and Da1lyMail (see the naming convention trend?) originally posted this same story last year, claiming that the Queen would not only retire, but skip over Prince Charles in favor of Prince William to be King.… -

From their website: Tech Times covers news on technological innovation and how business and technology intersects, influences and impacts different markets and industries to bring about cultural transformation in our lives, and how that is relevant in our increasingly interconnected world. There may be some funny joke-posts, especially on April 1st, but aside from that, the articles here are true.…

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real.