Real or Satire?

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24NewsFlash probably just gave up: abysmal Facebook engagements, no post or new article since August 2016, site traffic down. Our researching their site has probably been the highest traffic they've had in awhile. Anti-Hillary ClickBait at its most boring. -

We hate even reviewing sites like, because we know it'll just drive traffic to the site, which is the only thing ClickBait sites like is interested in. -

We review two stories to help us determine if Alternative Media Syndicate is real, satire, or something else altogether! -

Man! Whoever runs are doing a bang-up job! Tons of content that on first glance appears to be unique. Accounts all over the social media spectrum, from Facebook to Youtube. Even a podcast! They are either heavily dedicated to Poe’s Law, or heavily dedicated to their beliefs. Either way, kudos to them. Within the context of their religious platform,… -

BuzzFeed is an Internet news media company that specializes in a wide variety of topics like politics, DIY, animals, humor, and business. While it’s had its fair share of scandal — notably with plagiarism — and they have a pretty extensive humor section that includes some heavy satire. Unlike other sites, they do mark all humor as such. While they… - is not only eager to toss out any pro-Trump fake-news that'll give the most clicks, they are willing to accept sponsored posts from other liars. -

Conservative Tribune makes the following claim: [David Boreanaz] broke ranks with the Hollywood elite, and the overwhelming culture of Hollywood, to criticize Pres. Barack Obama. This is the same Pres. Obama that hangs out with celebrities like Jay-Z, BeyoncĂ©, and George Clooney, while simultaneously campaigning against rich people. It’s customary to embed tweets when you’re relying on them to push… -

With, it (thankfully) doesn’t take much to determine if the site is real or satire. From their About page: But the real question: Are they funny though? Ehhh . . . humor is subjective. -

We honestly surprised it took nearly three years to get a Snopes submission. Are they real? Fake? Biased? Read on for our verdict! -

The Washington Post has been in circulation, posting real news, for almost 150 years. In the 70s, The Washington Post was responsible for breaking the story regarding the FBI’s COINTELPRO scandal, J Edgar Hoover’s attack on political targets (including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr). COINTELPRO used tactics against these targets that ranged from illegal wiretaps, planting forged documents, and spreading… -

I like their logo. I also like how all of the main sections start with “dis-“, except “dystopia” — which draws the eye to it. They could have gone the route of forcing the motif with a spelling change (“distopia”) but by choosing not to, I actually want to read that section first. is a collection of music, art,… -

“Real or Satire Clicked on and What They Discovered Will Shock and Awe You Into New Stratospheres of Amazeballsness.” This should give you some idea as to what Boredom Therapy is: clickbait bordering on emoterrorism. To their credit, they’re hardly at the emo-terror-levels of its role-model — Upworthy. But even their website tagline is consistent with the tactic: “Trending… -

Daily Mail is considered a tabloid magazine, published daily. It is the biggest such publication in the U.K., with Ireland and Scotland editions. It is considered conservative and right-of-center, but folks from other countries such take note that those terms will likely mean different things in the U.K. than in, say, the U.S. A “tabloid” magazine is very different from… -

Landover Baptist Church is another example of Poe’s Law, similar to Christwire. Fully immersed in the joke, you are knee-deep in muck and mire of this extremely conservative “church.” There is no sign of the site breaking character, even on their ‘Godly Terms of Service’ page, which features paragraph upon paragraph of semi-legal gobbledygook. That is until you get to… -

Heavy Caveat: We’re loathed to consider (TPV) “real,” because it’s mostly opinion, but it is a site that makes their opinions based on data they’ve culled. But it makes no attempt to hide its liberal slant. From their About page [emphasis mine]: This blog is devoted to examining issues from a liberal perspective, on factual bases and on fair… -

Not to be confused with Now8News, though that is likely exactly what they want you to do, at least has the decency to provide a disclaimer: We thank Now88News for being upfront and honest about their site’s content. -

The headlines on this site are pretty obviously fake, but depending on the writer, they can sometimes read fairly credible, at first glance. At the very gutter of the page (footer, for all you net-savvy folks) you’ll find their disclaimer: Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of… -

Truthfully, “satire” is giving TMZ Hip Hop too much credit. Shocking news articles do not satire make! TMZHipHop banks on the familiarity and popularity of TMZ and Worldstar Hip Hop, likely in the hopes that adding the two together would make us doubly believe them. They can certainly be entertaining. But real . . . ? They posted an article… -

The Babylon Bee wears its satire on its sleeve, making no attempt to hide its satirical intentions. The site is refreshingly funny, as well, and comes recommended to those who are not easily offended. -

Anything with “” affixed to the URL is Clickbait/JokeLink. Anything.

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real.