Real or Satire?

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The article submitted to us from was this one: THREE OF FIVE DETAINEES SWAPPED ARE NOW ISIS LEADERS However, it’s basically a copy of this report from our good friends at National Report: Terrorist Exchanged For Bowe Bergdahl Now Top ISIS Commander Political Ears hadn’t noted its sources — likely because someone had already called them out on sourcing… -

The article sent to us to review was "World’s First Head Transplant A Success After Nineteen Hour Operation." But . . . is it real? -

Jeebus H. Criminy! Not only is the site straight out of Web 1.0, reading their Disclaimer page is like reading a freakin’ Proust novel. But are they real? Or Satire? Or . . . ? -

Remember when Perez Hilton would jack other photographers’ and Paparazzi’s photos and then hand draw dicks and asinine comments on them? Imagine that, but without the dicks. The jury’s out on Ruckus Bucket — they are basically just a Tumblr page with no About page or TOS that I, in passing, could find. It seems to be just a repository… -

As of this writing, has this image on the landing page: — which asks you to visit Click THAT link fires off a series of 2 or 3 redirects in rapid succession, before landing on a page asking you to disable search tracking. We want to mark them as ClickBait — and likely dangerous for your computer’s well-being… -

Not to be confused with Now8News, though that is likely exactly what they want you to do, at least has the decency to provide a disclaimer: We thank Now88News for being upfront and honest about their site’s content. -

Fake news outlet attempts to circumvent casual investigative tools by removing the site's "right-click" functionality. But we got their number at any rate -- read on. -

The article submitted to us for Outfoxednews was this one — The Senate will vote to decide if climate change is real — which has all the makings of a satirical jab at Congressional incompetence and self-importance. I mean . . . voting whether or not something exists doesn’t have any impact on that thing’s actual existence, right? Alas, Congress… -

ClickHole is a parody site from the makers of The Onion that pokes fun at click-bait-y sites like BuzzFeed and Upworthy. Needless to say, it’s satire. -

We actually rather enjoy Heavier Metal — and not simply because Metal has a fond place in our hearts. The satire here has plenty of the stuff other 'satire' sites lack: humor. -

If you wish to believe that Apple Annouces[sic] Release of Paranormal Communication Application or that a New Gandhi Movie Shocks India, then World News Daily Report is the site for you. But kindly leave our boots well and dry, thank you very much. World News Daily Report follows the old-school Tabloid-styled faux-journalism of its predecessors, such as the Weekly World… -

The Washington Times, not to be confused with The Times, has been around since the early 80s. Many consider it a right-of-center counterpoint to The Washington Post. [Editorial Note: In our haste, we referred to Washington Times as a “left-of-center” when it is, as the rest of this post states, actually considered right-of-center.] The magazine had heavy ties with Republican… -

The Atlanta Banana. It’s fake news, y’all. From their About page: Is any of this real? The Atlanta Banana is a grassroots effort to write serious, hard news. Yeah, real hard. So hard it feels like your jeans are going to rip off. So hard if it walked sideways through the library there’d be a hell of a lot of… -

Business Insider has an interesting piece on how liberal or conservative other news agencies are — or, specifically, the audiences of the agency. They are often accused of leaning left; however, looking at their front page on 12-6-2016, it seems fairly balanced to us. ‘The US is totally out of these [Turkey-Syria Peace] talks, and they’re pretty angry about… -

Mzansi Daily is South Africa’s Daily News Website. It’s hard to verify whether or not some of the stories are real, especially the ones that are specific to South Africa that isn’t internationally reported news. But they have enough actual global news (“UK Woman Caught Urinating In Busy Street“, which, damn) sprinkled about their site that makes me think that… -

Slate Magazine is an online current affairs and culture magazine. Inititally created in 1996 under the ownership of Microsoft as part of MSN, it is now managed by The Slate Group, an online publishing entity created by Graham Holdings Company to develop and manage web-only magazines. The article presented to us was: Abolish the Week! It’s unnatural. It’s unnecessary. Why… -

From Iron E-News‘ logo-title: Satire News. Liberal with Humor. Conservative with Truth. -

Mirror-site for Snoopman is less satire, more conspiracy theorist. But plenty of folks, with varying degrees of conspiracy-isms, pass on Snoopman articles as facts. Editor’s Note: Someone from Snoopman offered a ‘defense’ of sorts for their site, which you can read in the comments below. Again, Real or Satire has, technically, a binary system (either, or) and a site… -

DuhProgressive is one of the flurry of sites that came to us about 2 years too late. The site was admittedly satirical, but has since “admitted defeat.” Their site is still up, with articles intact, but they are no longer producing new content. From their Mission Statement: [. . .] Duh Progressive is also here to do is prove that… -

@RNCSquirrel is a response-Twitter account that acts as a so-called “frenemy” to @HRCsquirrel, itself an insult-Twitter designed as a pre-backlash maker to the prospect of Hilary R Clinton’s presidential run.

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real.