Real or Satire?

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From their About page: Using [. . .] tongue-in-cheek sarcasm and satire, the website is dedicated to promoting and publicizing graphs, statistics, and facts that somehow (inexplicably, for conservatives) support liberal beliefs, theories, or ideals. Liberal Bias is a member of the WinkProgress family. -

“I thought I can help [Trump] to win the presidency by creating a website. So I created I feel sorry for posting some ‘fake’ news. I removed them but at that time, I didn’t really know about them being fake.” -

The Elephant in the Room is a political rant-blog that takes real events and dessiminates them with a heavy dose of sarcasm, satire, and all-around rantyness. It’s hard to label this as a “satire” site, because the events discussed really did happen: Elizabeth Lauten did call Obama’s children “classless.” Keystone WL was blocked, for now. The first line in the… -

The story from submitted to us was this one: Queen Elizabeth Makes Heartbreaking Announcement About Royal Family’s Future Now defunct fake-news Brit sites, 1ndependent and Da1lyMail (see the naming convention trend?) originally posted this same story last year, claiming that the Queen would not only retire, but skip over Prince Charles in favor of Prince William to be King.… -

Fake. Fake. Fake. (And we really cannot stress this enough.) In the immortal words of Public Enemy: Can’t Truss It! Articles on The National Report tend to be a tad more . . . subtle. This ‘gentle’ form of satire parodies real news in a way that seems almost designed with the specific goal of tricking its readers. More to… -

With, it (thankfully) doesn’t take much to determine if the site is real or satire. From their About page: But the real question: Are they funny though? Ehhh . . . humor is subjective. -

At the time this site was submitted, there is no There is, however, a, which is a much better URL — if not any better information. So . . . -

We honestly surprised it took nearly three years to get a Snopes submission. Are they real? Fake? Biased? Read on for our verdict! -

Heavy Caveat: Return of Kings is real, in the respect that the owner is dead-serious about his beliefs. It is, as best we can tell, neither satire nor an example of Poe’s Law. Return of Kings is owned — and likely directly admin’ed — by Daryush Valizadeh, also known as Roosh V and Roosh Vorek, a self-styled “pick-up artist”or [PUA].… -

As of this writing, their top story was Rock And Roll Hall Again Denies Johnny Bravo. Which is pretty funny in and of itself. From their About page: For the best in online satire of news and current events, one needs only to turn to CAP News for a full day’s laugh in just 60 seconds. [. . .] The… -

From their About Page: "Abe Finklestein is a Bonafide Sports Humour Website created by South Carolina native Beefy “funny” Barnes a South Carolina import and thugged out nerd who now resides in Phila’s University City." Some of it gave me a good chuckle a couple times. -

The story submitted to us for America News Project was this one: Small Indiana Town To Change Name To Avoid Clinton Reference. Their About Us page features a fair bit of cheek: As you likely well know, the National Report and Daily Currant are both satire sites. (If you did not know this, feel free to click those links and… -

The article submitted to us for Outfoxednews was this one — The Senate will vote to decide if climate change is real — which has all the makings of a satirical jab at Congressional incompetence and self-importance. I mean . . . voting whether or not something exists doesn’t have any impact on that thing’s actual existence, right? Alas, Congress… -

National Report doesn’t return any website. Try our article about -

@RNCSquirrel is a response-Twitter account that acts as a so-called “frenemy” to @HRCsquirrel, itself an insult-Twitter designed as a pre-backlash maker to the prospect of Hilary R Clinton’s presidential run. -

The Babylon Bee wears its satire on its sleeve, making no attempt to hide its satirical intentions. The site is refreshingly funny, as well, and comes recommended to those who are not easily offended. -

When Failbluedot joined Reddit 3 months ago, this was their* introduction: Just joined reddit and tried to look if there was a specific place in this subreddit to introduce myself first — sorry if I missed the right place before posting. Russian Jewish atheist in Sydney increasingly interested in SJ issues and decreasing worldsuck. Hello 🙂 The epi-pseudonymous website is… -

Caveat emptor! While touted as the “British Onion,” it is actually a mix of current events, tabloid/gossip, and satire. It’s debatable whether or not their satire is adequately marked, so be careful with this one! -

Remember when we discussed eBuzzd? Let me refresh your memory: Plus the photo used [of singer Phil Collins with an arm-sling] on eBuzzd for this story is likely the worst photochop job ever. For real. Well . . . we have another eBuzzd sit-chee-a-shun with Procrastimes. The main article that’s been submitted (several times, I might add): “Teens Gather In… -

Mr. Conservative ran this headline not too long ago: “Obama Admin. Hands Out Pamphlet: “What To Do When The Veteran In Your Classroom Attempts A Mass Shooting”” The source? Duffel Blog, which we’ve covered before. And then they ran: “FBI Raids Conservative Site For Writing Article About Obama’s Birth Certificate” Its source? The National Report. In two minutes, I’ve found…

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real.