Real or Satire?

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I love a good alien story. From the horror of Alien and The Thing to more farcical offerings like Starship Troopers. Apparently, does too! In their story NASA Admits It Is In Contact With Alien Species And Just Forgot To Mention It, they tell a yarn about an absentminded NASA just . . . forgetting to tell us about… -

Fake news. Sometimes funny… but always fake. On their About page, they have the address and phone number for the Westboro Baptist Church hatemongers, which we find deliciously funny. There’s also this: Thanks to ABC News President & CEO, Dr. Paul “Un-Buzz Killington” Horner for making ABC News the greatest website in the multiverse. We need writers! Find out more… -

Anything with “” affixed to the URL is Clickbait/JokeLink. Anything. -

The Telegraph started off as The Daily Telegraph and Courier. It is a broadsheet newspaper — you know, those comically long newspapers, like the Daily Prophet from Harry Potter (minus the animation (for now)) — that is distributed in Great Britain, Ireland, and abroad. It is considered real news, although they have posted various premature obituaries. One such premature obit,… -

Consider Death & Taxes more as one big pisstake. It’s primarily a op-ed site, and much of their content is pretty enjoyable to read and safe to reshare. They, too, tend to fall for the occasional misconstruance*, like the Nazi Salute of the Anti-Gay Alternative to the Boy Scout story, which they later updated with a footnote (in smaller font… -

As with comedy, timing is everything for “satire” and ClickBait sites. Take this article submitted for The Daily Snark: Jason Pierre-Paul Blows Off Other Hand After His Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes. With Samsung’s ‘Exploding‘ Galaxy Note 7 recall in the news and being banned on all U.S. Flights, it’s very easy to believe something like this. Until, that is,… -

True Activist is another tough one to categorize, using our binary system. It’s not satire, but it’s not exactly real news, in the sense that you and I think of news. It’s a repository of blogs and stories that fit its philosophical views. Same as Real Farmacy. Their process seems to be: Find an article that fits our view; Reshare… -

While might look legit, you’ll quickly find that the stories are exaggerated or just plain fake. Well . . . that is, if you can even pull up their website, which routinely returns an ‘Service Temporarily Unavailable’ server error. (Seriously! Every other link-click returns a server error. What is this? Satire Amateur Hour??) -

Spoiler-Alert: We think American News is satire. You read that right: we're marking American News "satire". Not just ''fake news", but honest to goodness satire . . . of a sort. But lest you're quick to judge and judge us harshly, here us out: -

Mzansi Daily is South Africa’s Daily News Website. It’s hard to verify whether or not some of the stories are real, especially the ones that are specific to South Africa that isn’t internationally reported news. But they have enough actual global news (“UK Woman Caught Urinating In Busy Street“, which, damn) sprinkled about their site that makes me think that… -

Christians for Michelle Bachman is a satirical slam against both Michelle Bachman and her staunchest supporters. Its typical m.o. is to combine some right-wing talking point with spelling/grammar mistakes. While this sort of appeal to ridicule is fallacious, it does lend itself to some well-crafted comedy. -

The Shovel is one of three satirical publications in Australia. The other two are the Burdekin Herald and The Chaser, which is really just a vehicle for the satirical comedy troupe, and their television/radio shows, of the same name. The Shovel mainly satirizes the Australian political and social culture. So you might not really see The Shovel articles reposted anywhere… -

Houston, we have a problem . . . The Melbourneer is primarily a depository of cool images, GIFs, and the like. Their page is separates into topics just as “Cool Man,” “GIFs,” and my personal favorite, “Suddenly!” Some of their images may be too awesome to believe, such as Kumi Yamashita’s “Portrait Made From a Single Thread Wrapped Around Thousands… -

Local, national, and international news tend to focus on all the shitty horrendous goings-on in the world, so it’s nice to have a place where you can just find delightful tidbits of positivity and examples of humans being . . . well, human to each other. is an Upworthy-like repository (repostitory?) of media that the owners consider worthy of… -

The article sent to us for Hang the Bankers was this one: “US launches cyber attack on Russia’s power grid, telco networks and Kremlin command systems.” In the article, they claim that Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said: “If no official reaction from the American administration follows, it would mean state cyberterrorism exists in the US. If the threats… -

When we went to The National Sun’s Facebook page, the first thing we’re greeted with was — — and instantly we wanted to believe everything they had to say. I mean . . . look at him! Really, take a look at him!!! Alas, their About section reveals their true nature: There’s also the Disclaimer on their website: The National… -

We actually commend Conservative Outfitters on their schtict. They sell clothes (and other things like coffee mugs, ‘museum quality’ artwork) on a nicely designed website that tries to draw a weak connection to a well established clothing store (Urban Outfitters) — all with conservative slogans, mantras, quotes, etc — while redistributing news from other Conservative outlets. Enrage the audience. Then… -

The article submitted was the following: Rape Will Be Made Legal in at least 43 Countries If This Activist Has His Way. Is the article real, or satire? -

I guess we are to consider to be the WebMD of religion. Never mind the implications of that analogy; simply take it at face value. The grisly story that was submitted to us for review, “Christian zealot beheads teen for practicing witchcraft,” is unfortunately true. And while Patheos is fond of citing The Washington Times a lot — itself,… -

Okay, I’ll bite . . . CNN was submitted twice in a three-day period. No story or article, just ‘’ [Editorial Note: Please see the update to this statement at the end of our verdict.] Whoever submitted it: was likely the same person; was likely trying to make a point; probably didn’t think that we could turn this maybe-pisstake into…

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real.