Real or Satire?

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real. - is actually a pretty good source for vetting political (mis)information. As far as we can tell, it’s not satire. They do a pretty good job at taking an article and debunking it with plenty of hyperlinked information and sources. Remember: You should always @mdash; always! @mdash; check sources. You definitely don’t want to fall completely down a source-search rabbit-hole,… -

We hate even reviewing sites like, because we know it'll just drive traffic to the site, which is the only thing ClickBait sites like is interested in. -

Delightful Knowledge is only moderately delightful. A couple of their articles, namely, the article “NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 6 Days of Total Darkness in December 2014!,” cite as a source. has the following disclaimer in their footers: “ is a combination of real shocking news and satirical entertainment to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.”… -

Abril uno sounds suspiciously like April One, don’t it? From Abril Uno‘s footer: Abril Uno is a satire, parody and spoof web publication. -

Fake news outlet attempts to circumvent casual investigative tools by removing the site's "right-click" functionality. But we got their number at any rate -- read on. -

NY Daily News does contain a lot of clearly marked op-ed pieces. And they definitely lean towards one end of the political spectrum. They can, however, be considered real. Be sure to check the originating section of the article before resharing or determining any truth-value. Addendum 11-22-2016: Since this post, we’ve updated our review system to include the categories ClickBait,… -

Our favorite article: Study Concludes “Exaggerated Sigh” Effective In Expediting Long Lines. Would that it were so simple! -

By their own admission: Raw Story is a progressive news site that focuses on stories often ignored in the mainstream media. While giving coverage to the big stories of the day, we also bring our readers’ attention to policy, politics, legal and human rights stories that get ignored in an infotainment culture driven solely by pageviews. Their original reporting has… -

iacknowledge(class warfare exists).net may be alittle heavy-handed in their topics and approach — and might be considered extremely left-leaning to the point of obfuscation — but a fact-check of three random posts check out. They’re not above pulling the Upworthy-like headlines, such as “This Deaf Pit Bull Puppy Was Heartlessly Kidnapped. How He Made It Home Is Incredible,” One clue… -

Okay, I’ll bite . . . CNN was submitted twice in a three-day period. No story or article, just ‘’ [Editorial Note: Please see the update to this statement at the end of our verdict.] Whoever submitted it: was likely the same person; was likely trying to make a point; probably didn’t think that we could turn this maybe-pisstake into… -

With their site’s tagline being “News Written By You,” it should be fairly obvious. But if that doesn’t tip you off, and you find headlines such as “Hogwarts becomes second free school closed in a week”, then take a look at their FAQ page: NewsBiscuit was launched in September 2006, with a view to increasing the amount of British satire… -

Above Average is develops and produces original, laugh-out-loud comedy programming. Above Average is a digital-first company with a 40-year television and film legacy. -

Enduring Vision graciously reveals its satirical nature in its own logo. But read on to find out why we really like their site! -

The story submitted to us for America News Project was this one: Small Indiana Town To Change Name To Avoid Clinton Reference. Their About Us page features a fair bit of cheek: As you likely well know, the National Report and Daily Currant are both satire sites. (If you did not know this, feel free to click those links and… -

From their website: Tech Times covers news on technological innovation and how business and technology intersects, influences and impacts different markets and industries to bring about cultural transformation in our lives, and how that is relevant in our increasingly interconnected world. There may be some funny joke-posts, especially on April 1st, but aside from that, the articles here are true.… -

From their About page: The Burdekin Herald is your first stop for news from the Burdekin and other lesser places. [. . .] The contents of this site are entirely fictional and are meant as a parody. -

Tez Hazirlama Evi is a Turkish site. No one here at RoS speaks Turkish. Sorry. If you do speak Turkish and would love to help us out on this one, please do! EDIT: Special thanks to site-visitor 4DEATH, who provided a bit of info on Tez Hazirlama Evi: Thiis is not a news website. It claims to write thesis (university)… -

Though not as prevalent as previous years, Channel 45 News is a prank-news generator, much like Break Your Own News. So this story about Justin Bieber coming out as bisexual and dating Ricky Martin is fake. Of course, with the word “prank” plastered all over the site, we can only assume that the intent of Channel 45 News is pure clickbait.… -

I must confess: I have a soft spot for Expect funny observations about life, reposts of funny webcomics, and commentaries on U.S. political goings-on. We mark this one “Bias” because, well . . . he has one. So expect a fair bit of color. -

Fake news. Sometimes funny… but always fake. On their About page, they have the address and phone number for the Westboro Baptist Church hatemongers, which we find deliciously funny. There’s also this: Thanks to ABC News President & CEO, Dr. Paul “Un-Buzz Killington” Horner for making ABC News the greatest website in the multiverse. We need writers! Find out more…

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real.