Real or Satire?

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Heavy Caveat: Return of Kings is real, in the respect that the owner is dead-serious about his beliefs. It is, as best we can tell, neither satire nor an example of Poe’s Law. Return of Kings is owned — and likely directly admin’ed — by Daryush Valizadeh, also known as Roosh V and Roosh Vorek, a self-styled “pick-up artist”or [PUA].… -

If you wish to believe that Apple Annouces[sic] Release of Paranormal Communication Application or that a New Gandhi Movie Shocks India, then World News Daily Report is the site for you. But kindly leave our boots well and dry, thank you very much. World News Daily Report follows the old-school Tabloid-styled faux-journalism of its predecessors, such as the Weekly World… -

We actually commend Conservative Outfitters on their schtict. They sell clothes (and other things like coffee mugs, ‘museum quality’ artwork) on a nicely designed website that tries to draw a weak connection to a well established clothing store (Urban Outfitters) — all with conservative slogans, mantras, quotes, etc — while redistributing news from other Conservative outlets. Enrage the audience. Then… -

By the site’s own admission: The project’s name is an ironic reversal of portmanteau “mass-media” (media for the masses) [. . .] . The website is the medium of our satire to expose with humour, exaggeration and ridicule the contemporary mass production and mass consumption that we observe Also it will not only mock the producers [. . .]… -

In 2014, we originally marked as an extreme form of Poe's Law (satire). But that didn't sit well with us. Could be satire? Or is it something much different? -

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a “news” site is being satirical, or if they’re just posting fake or incorrect news. Such is the case with Check this article: It Is Now Illegal To Wear An Anonymous Mask In America Actual report from Arizona Capital Times: Espinoza and Brown said a security official pointed out a man in a… -

There's no easy find for News Chicken. But there are clues to the site's legitamacy once you look at some of their original -- er, sorry, "original" -- stories. -

According to their About Page, the The Daily Meal was founded by a former CEO of, Jim Spanfeller. The site covers culinary topics with their articles, videos, and special reports. Not sure why anyone would think a recipe for Spicy Vegetarian Chili Recipe would be satirical. I don’t think The Daily Meal is being ironic when they call it… -

One of the ways to check if a news source is legit is to simply look at the site itself. At first glance, Empire Herald seems fairly legit — the site looks polished and well formatted. But the site’s footer is ripe with broken/non-existent links, particularly the contact us and advertise links, both of which point to a # relative… -

We almost feel bad reviewing Undoubtedly, seasoned RoS visitors wouldn't fall for the site's cheap tactics. Putting this here kinda feels like we're insulting our readership. But . . . someone submitted it, so we're obliged to review it. -

This one is easy. Every story has a link to their ABOUT page: RILENEWS FAQ Are your stories real? Yes. If you believe fake news stories. -

NY Daily News does contain a lot of clearly marked op-ed pieces. And they definitely lean towards one end of the political spectrum. They can, however, be considered real. Be sure to check the originating section of the article before resharing or determining any truth-value. Addendum 11-22-2016: Since this post, we’ve updated our review system to include the categories ClickBait,… -

We’re really going to have to put limits on what we can do here, at RoS. We’ve mentioned before that we are an English-language site, though we can generally suss out Spanish, German, and Dutch sites. That does limit us and the sort of data we can provide; however, so long as these international sites make it easy to suss… -

When Failbluedot joined Reddit 3 months ago, this was their* introduction: Just joined reddit and tried to look if there was a specific place in this subreddit to introduce myself first — sorry if I missed the right place before posting. Russian Jewish atheist in Sydney increasingly interested in SJ issues and decreasing worldsuck. Hello 🙂 The epi-pseudonymous website is… -

Thought Catalog is a site for op-ed pieces. They also tend to repost — and resell — Reddit posts. From their About page: The more worldviews and rhetorical styles on the site, the better. We want to tell all sides of the story. Whether or not they are vigorous with fact-checking is another — and likely, moot — question; the… - is considered a “progressive activist site” and “independent news site.” It’s financed through individual donations, by grants from major donors, and ad revenue. It’s that last bit that tells you the sort of headlines you can expect, on par with the current Netstream Media practices. They have won an assortment of Webby Awards throughout the years, as well as… -

Unfamiliar though this site is to us, was an easy one. Buried deep on its About page: The ease of discovery is a testament to the site-creator’s character: Paul Szoldra isn’t trying to trick us or pass on misinformation en malice. A quick Google search revealed that the marine veteran started Duffel Blog originally as a way to drive… -

With, it (thankfully) doesn’t take much to determine if the site is real or satire. From their About page: But the real question: Are they funny though? Ehhh . . . humor is subjective. -

Daily Mail is considered a tabloid magazine, published daily. It is the biggest such publication in the U.K., with Ireland and Scotland editions. It is considered conservative and right-of-center, but folks from other countries such take note that those terms will likely mean different things in the U.K. than in, say, the U.S. A “tabloid” magazine is very different from… -

Caveat emptor! While touted as the “British Onion,” it is actually a mix of current events, tabloid/gossip, and satire. It’s debatable whether or not their satire is adequately marked, so be careful with this one!

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real.