Real or Satire?

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Unlike some of the less scrupulous sites out there, Sports Pickle is upfront about their satirical nature. -

In 2014, we originally marked as an extreme form of Poe's Law (satire). But that didn't sit well with us. Could be satire? Or is it something much different? -

Mother Jones reports investigative and breaking news on politics, the environment, human rights, and culture. It might be snarky and sarcastic at times, but it’s legit. From their Facebook page: Mother Jones is an award-winning nonprofit news organization that publishes in-depth investigative reporting, game-changing breaking news, and innovative coverage across politics, the environment, health, human rights, culture, and more. Their… -

[Update: It appears the .ie site is completely gone. The other page,, is still up and running.] Admittedly, this has gotten me a fair couple times, but it is fake. It re-directs to Wunderground Music now. Again, from their Disclaimer page: Wunderground is a fictionalized, satirical publication. Its content should in no way be interpreted as an actual record… -

Televangelist and all-around huckster Pat Robinson has said many silly, stupid, hateful, and downright harmful things. But's article on him is satire. Read onward! -

This one is actually easy, simply because the site itself tells us that it’s satirical. Check their Facebook About page and you’ll see — Long Description. Tribune Herald is a satirical publication. So . . . that’s that, right? 😉 -

Anything with “” affixed to the URL is Clickbait/JokeLink. Anything. -

The definition of specious: 1. Having the ring of truth or plausibility but actually fallacious: a specious argument. 2. Deceptively attractive. So it’s in the website title. -

From their About page: Using [. . .] tongue-in-cheek sarcasm and satire, the website is dedicated to promoting and publicizing graphs, statistics, and facts that somehow (inexplicably, for conservatives) support liberal beliefs, theories, or ideals. Liberal Bias is a member of the WinkProgress family. -

Delightful Knowledge is only moderately delightful. A couple of their articles, namely, the article “NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 6 Days of Total Darkness in December 2014!,” cite as a source. has the following disclaimer in their footers: “ is a combination of real shocking news and satirical entertainment to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.”… -

Fake, though funnier than most. A mirror to From their Disclaimer page: Wunderground is a fictionalized, satirical publication. Its content should in no way be interpreted as an actual record of events, unless a story specifically states that its contents are an actual recording of events. -

It’s clear that BTNOMB is primarily an entertainment site, filled with the sorts of “juicy” celeb stories that may or may not eventually be proven true — and by the time the gossip is proven, everyone has moved on to the next big story. But are they real? Satire? Or something worse? -

The Sword (NSFW) is real, insofar as the current narrative du jour in today’s gay porn is ‘real.’ It’s a porn blog that “reviews” new porn from various studios, including those that focus on the “straight-for-pay” sort of porn. Is that real? Are they really straight? Well . . . that’s likely a matter of opinion. But it’s not something… -

The Telegraph started off as The Daily Telegraph and Courier. It is a broadsheet newspaper — you know, those comically long newspapers, like the Daily Prophet from Harry Potter (minus the animation (for now)) — that is distributed in Great Britain, Ireland, and abroad. It is considered real news, although they have posted various premature obituaries. One such premature obit,… - relies on ClickBait bordering on fake news, often sourced from other disreputable sites, like Your News Wire. - doesn't make it easy to tell if they're satire. No Disclaimer or About Us. And the stories seem true -- or true-enough. So are they? Read on: -

@RNCSquirrel is a response-Twitter account that acts as a so-called “frenemy” to @HRCsquirrel, itself an insult-Twitter designed as a pre-backlash maker to the prospect of Hilary R Clinton’s presidential run. -

Based out of Cincinnati, Derf’s website is too colorful to be taken seriously. “Maybe they figure that colorful news sites will grab your attention better?” Eh, fair enough. From their About page: DERF is the premier provider of humor and satire content in Cincinnati. Derf is dedicated to making fun of everything! -

I mean . . . it’s real. He really did that shit (pun intended). You can read tonnes of stuff about this site. Definitely real. - and are the reason why God invented Ad-Blockers . . . But is the site real or satire? Wade through the ads with us and let's find out!

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real.