Real or Satire?

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The article submitted to us from was this one: THREE OF FIVE DETAINEES SWAPPED ARE NOW ISIS LEADERS However, it’s basically a copy of this report from our good friends at National Report: Terrorist Exchanged For Bowe Bergdahl Now Top ISIS Commander Political Ears hadn’t noted its sources — likely because someone had already called them out on sourcing… -

The article submitted for was a rehash on an old viral scare from a couple years back about the pacific ocean “dying.” Our issue with this story is that, with the exception of 1 link about Chernobyl, all of the source links point to fear-mongering, a site that focus solely on questionable conclusions from questionable science. Most of… -

There is no Wyoming Institute of Technology. Period. There is, however, a much shadier WyoTech, formerly known as Wyoming Technical Institute, which is a for-profit college system founded in Laramie, Wyoming, in 1966. But that is neither here nor there. The image on’s About page — — is the same image on page (a self-noted Entertainment blog) —… -

Imagine The Colbert Report television show, without the laughing audience, the obvious wink-wink of the host, and the over-the-top comedic stylings of Comedy Central writers, and you have Christwire. Christwire highlights the excesses of American Christian conservatives through its satire. Ironically — or expectably, depending on your point of view — Christian Conservatives tend to mistake Christwire articles as true… - is, thankfully, forthcoming about their satirical nature. From their About page: The Hard Times is a very real punk news site that you should not question. Just absorb the information as truth and move on. The historic satire site was founded in December 1982 at 171A studios while the founding members were eating broken glass with The Bad Brains.… -

No, Patti Labelle did not punch Aretha Franklin; and no, Leonardo DiCaprio will not play the role of MLK Jr. in blackface. Newsnerd is nice enough to contain the following disclaimer on every page: The stories posted on TheNewsNerd are for entertainment purposes only. The stories may mimic articles found in the headlines, but rest assured they are purely satirical.… -

Anything with “” affixed to the URL is Clickbait/JokeLink. Anything. No . . . we really mean it: ANYTHING. -

Daily Mail is considered a tabloid magazine, published daily. It is the biggest such publication in the U.K., with Ireland and Scotland editions. It is considered conservative and right-of-center, but folks from other countries such take note that those terms will likely mean different things in the U.K. than in, say, the U.S. A “tabloid” magazine is very different from… -

No one here speaks Croatian; however, if you do and would like to weigh in on whether this site is real, satire, or something else, please reach out to us. This one bit, however, did strike me as interesting: From their TOS: We take no responsibility for the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the information contained on the website, including… -

The White Voice is not-so-thinly veiled racism dressed up as ‘true progressive-ism.’ I don’t buy it, of course, but you know . . . they have books out and stuff, so. Whatever. [Editor’s Note: This racial shitbag doesn’t deserve to be listed as ‘real.’ Yes, Joe Adams (real name, likely, Joe Hayward) is dead-serious about his nonsense, but our site… -

Sorry, guys, but sites that fall under the 9/11 Truth Movement banner (and there are many) are well and beyond the scope of this site. -

From their Disclaimer page: Free Wood Post is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within are fiction, and presumably fake news. From their Twitter profile: News That’s Almost Reliable -

My father always told me: "If it's too good to be true, then it's probably not." That's certainly the case with an article we're reviewing from Read onward! -

Wetindeyng is dubious at best. And this goes for its mirror-site (or whatever) It is a repository of articles, usually without commentary and definitely without fact-checking. For instance, making the rounds now (again) is an old tale about how a pretty girl seeking a rich husband got a shocking Investment banker’s reply. And here’s the Snopes article on it.… -

I guess we are to consider to be the WebMD of religion. Never mind the implications of that analogy; simply take it at face value. The grisly story that was submitted to us for review, “Christian zealot beheads teen for practicing witchcraft,” is unfortunately true. And while Patheos is fond of citing The Washington Times a lot — itself,… -

True Activist is another tough one to categorize, using our binary system. It’s not satire, but it’s not exactly real news, in the sense that you and I think of news. It’s a repository of blogs and stories that fit its philosophical views. Same as Real Farmacy. Their process seems to be: Find an article that fits our view; Reshare… -

The article submitted was the following: Rape Will Be Made Legal in at least 43 Countries If This Activist Has His Way. Is the article real, or satire? -

As of this writing, the first three posts you see when visiting DailyBuzzLive are: Kids Are Smoking Bed Bugs To Get High Energy Drinks Contain Ingredient Extracted From Bull Urine And Semen Man Spends 3 Days In Jail For Wearing Saggy Pants To Court Well . . . Kids are not smoking bedbugs; Red Bull does not contain bull spunk;… -

WARNING: WorldNetDaily (WND) is an American web site that publishes political content from the perspective of U.S. conservatives and the political right. So expect heavy coloring. They are likely the source of many ultra-Right folks’ conservative conspiracies, e.g., Obama’s birth certificate non-issue. But we wouldn’t call WND ‘conserva-nutjobs’ or anything of the sort. WND has a lot of personal commentary… -

Christians for Michelle Bachman is a satirical slam against both Michelle Bachman and her staunchest supporters. Its typical m.o. is to combine some right-wing talking point with spelling/grammar mistakes. While this sort of appeal to ridicule is fallacious, it does lend itself to some well-crafted comedy.

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real.