Real or Satire?

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Real or Satire -

My father always told me: "If it's too good to be true, then it's probably not." That's certainly the case with an article we're reviewing from Read onward! - is based in the U.K. and geared mostly towards that audience. We looked at two stories, as best we could, to determine if it's real or not. Read onward: -

It’s clear that BTNOMB is primarily an entertainment site, filled with the sorts of “juicy” celeb stories that may or may not eventually be proven true — and by the time the gossip is proven, everyone has moved on to the next big story. But are they real? Satire? Or something worse? -

If there's some sort of civil unrest, impending cataclysm, or upcoming plague, is selling something for it. But are they real, satire, or something worse? -

Jeebus H. Criminy! Not only is the site straight out of Web 1.0, reading their Disclaimer page is like reading a freakin’ Proust novel. But are they real? Or Satire? Or . . . ? -

By their own admission, the National Review is a right-leaning site/magazine known for “up-to-the-minute conservative commentary on politics, news, and culture.” Author William F. Buckley Jr. Buckley founded the magazine in the early 50s and, himself, was known for several controversies: He co-authored a book defending McCarthyism and referred to HIV/AIDS as a “gay curse,” calling for immediate sterilization of… -

From their About page: "The Cedar Rapids Defender is an independent media watchdog owned and operated by the people who work for it." But . . . are they real? -

We actually commend Conservative Outfitters on their schtict. They sell clothes (and other things like coffee mugs, ‘museum quality’ artwork) on a nicely designed website that tries to draw a weak connection to a well established clothing store (Urban Outfitters) — all with conservative slogans, mantras, quotes, etc — while redistributing news from other Conservative outlets. Enrage the audience. Then… -

So you found a new medical site — that’s great! But . . . should you follow their medical advice? Answer these three questions before you do: -

I must confess: I have a soft spot for Expect funny observations about life, reposts of funny webcomics, and commentaries on U.S. political goings-on. We mark this one “Bias” because, well . . . he has one. So expect a fair bit of color.

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real.