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Real or Satire -

There's no other label can have, other than ClickBait. -

Fake news outlet attempts to circumvent casual investigative tools by removing the site's "right-click" functionality. But we got their number at any rate -- read on. -

Let's get straight to the point: is fake news masquerading as "satire." Read on to see how we came to this conclusion. - relies on ClickBait bordering on fake news, often sourced from other disreputable sites, like Your News Wire. - is, thankfully, forthcoming about their satirical nature. From their About page: The Hard Times is a very real punk news site that you should not question. Just absorb the information as truth and move on. The historic satire site was founded in December 1982 at 171A studios while the founding members were eating broken glass with The Bad Brains.… -

Though not as prevalent as previous years, Channel 45 News is a prank-news generator, much like Break Your Own News. So this story about Justin Bieber coming out as bisexual and dating Ricky Martin is fake. Of course, with the word “prank” plastered all over the site, we can only assume that the intent of Channel 45 News is pure clickbait.… - is, by their own admission, “satire.” To their credit, they have a disclaimer on nearly every page: Underground News Report is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within are fiction, and presumably fake news. Any resemblance to the… - is not only eager to toss out any pro-Trump fake-news that'll give the most clicks, they are willing to accept sponsored posts from other liars. - is satire by their own admission. Well . . . only if by “admission,” we actually mean, “take a look at the site’s logo". Read on for more: -

“I thought I can help [Trump] to win the presidency by creating a website. So I created I feel sorry for posting some ‘fake’ news. I removed them but at that time, I didn’t really know about them being fake.”

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real.